Terms and Conditions of Website Usage

There’s information and places shared on this website which features some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to. Some of these places are remote and take some experience and knowledge getting to. If you’re using this website in order to visit these places, there are some rules we’d like you to follow.

  1. Be respectful of the people and land you are a visitor in. Follow Leave No Trace principles.

  2. Don’t share the location of these places via social. More and more people are getting to the outdoors and without the right education, it can have a detrimental effort on the environment and the places we play. If someone asks you about a particular place, send them to a website that informs, educates, and stresses the importance of following the rules, or take them out and teach them yourself.

  3. Don’t be an asshole in the outdoors. This includes:

    1. Littering.

    2. Starting a campfire in a no fire zone.

    3. Walking away from a campfire that isn’t completely out.

    4. Showing up to a place that requires permits without permits.

    5. Flying a drone in a no drone zone.

    6. Shining bright lights in someone’s face, tent, or campsite at night.

    7. Having a party with loud music at 2am when there are other campers sleeping nearby.

    8. Camping within 30 feet of another person’s tent if there’s other places to camp.

    9. Going off trail when it says to stay on trail.

    10. Feeding wildlife: A bear that gets acquainted to humans and their environment in Yosemite has to be killed.

    11. Adding your own art to rock faces.